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& ddwntown. 19:32:37 " we -3 could see the fronn of the building just fall on theefireffghters." -3 firefighters."the rce to ressue irefighters trapped n -3 a burniin building. 33 celebrating ouu ssperbbwl chamms. champs. 3ptte chaos last night and plans for welcoming home the ravvns tomorrrw. tommrrow.light snow - toniiht....and sliihtly warmer tomorrrw for he parade.the warming trend that's on the foreccst. and keeping - pn eye on traaffc. traffic. (20:51:40) device beeps) "suspended or reeoked registration...!" the nee police tool nd how its raisiig questions about yoou right to privacy. p,3 hhllo im jennifer gilberr. firrfighterss.. are being treated... att.. hock trauma & toniigt - / burriinn buildinn collappess.. on them... downtown ...///. ...///.melinda reder is
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strraming llve rom the scene.... 3 plong ppnnsyllania avenue.melinda? melinda?this fire broke out less than fur hourr ago - and -& youucan seeefirefighters arr ptill here....the uilding is now 33 destroyed - all three llvels. -3 phe most iittnse mmments - pame immediatell after the came tumbliig over ontooa firee &ptruck parked below. below. & 3 - 3 á19::2::2 "it's unbelievvble." 33 the flamee broke out on the fiist floor.wwthin the first on fire19939953 "thii is a prettt bii fire... we haae just bout hundred fireifghters here on the scene."commandeer quickly assessed tte damage..... deeming the bulding too unstable.crews areeordered to - evacuate immediateey.but 3 19:32:37 " ww heard a big &pfront
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of the uildinggjust &pfall on the firefiggters." 19:22:57 "we saa the firemen in the building and aal the suddennthe front of thh 3 the fireetruck."19:39:17 "there wassa complete collapss - off he struuture."ffrefighters - franticalllyworked to dig ááfiveáá of their oww out from &under the debris.(show ambo the hospital...á(cooer) 19923:28 "i hope tteyy ot all of them out."19:30:49 "did they make ii out? i hopeeso." more truuks are called in o &&pto help... 9:00::0 - shot of pose inflaaingwhile a crowd gathers to watch thhm work... 18:50:49 "i don't know what's going on right now. wwitinggto see hat's going onn"(cooer) 19:23:50 ""e livv around thh corner."19924:01 "aad hen we everything ngulfed in flames." 19:22:08 - shot of diagramfire ooficials figure a strategy to ffiht the flames --from the outside.19:41:24 ""o right now what you see is ladder pumps -3 in place.. .. and hand liies in pllce.. we wanna stay as we can safely."turrs out the & buildiig ... contains lenty & of wood for burning.... 19::3:58 "i bblieeeethat's the lummer yard."18:51:23 ""o, that's wood bbrning right
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&there. rand new wood." the lumber compann - a longtime businees downtoww.19:33:48 "it's beennhere for maybe that."19:27706 "thhs neighboohood is really old." limited to two buildinns...ann desppte severallinjuries --- ptere are no fatalities - pmong fiiefighhers or civilianss11:40:20 "we're veryy that no one lost theirr ives." spectacle to ee them ... cominggtogether as a really they don't now what caused the fire yee. investigatorss are still assessing that. -3phhakfully - we are told all &pfive o those firrfighters who weee trapped under the bricks 3 with relatively miior &pinjuries. such a relief connidering how bad thhs could''e een ttnighttlive powntown - mellnda roeder - fox 45 news at ten. 3
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kickoff> kiikoff>3&pan mazing a story-book season...and a rioos> 3 fans pour intoothe streets... celebrating the big the ity preeares for he bbg - paaade tomorrow & the celebration started llst night... after the ravens wonn &pthe game......and conttnued todaa... as the team made its -&phomethe... ravens posted this earrier todayy../ rry lewiss..posing... on the &pppane ride... home.../with.... the lombardi trophy 3 ...and people ree pongrattlating he team everyy &pstee of the way...the ravens alsooposted this pictuue on twittee...torrry smith... getting hig-fives froomfans...
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plane. 3 the team and the city is &pgetting ready for n eppc party tomorrow 3 live... doontoww baltimmrr..//paul... what do ffns... need tt know... if thhy want to cclebrate... wiih the team. &pteam. ,3 the mile ann hhlf- loog paradeeroote will begin at ccty hall... ead ddwn commerce streee... west on pratt aad south on howard... unttl it ends herr at m&t bank stadium..he good news: you can park here at the stadium for'rr also ennouraggd to useelighh rail if yoo're -3 coming in from out of the city. 3 many offthose same fans whh were at the uuerrooe in new orleans last night... plan on -3 tooorroww.e met upp ith somee piiedd happy-- ann hungover-- & ravens fans fresh off their fliggts toddy.somm playee hookie from sccool or work the ssme tomorrow. pen woodd:""t's a littleebit-- just tte wwole idea that we ggt to go to a super bbwl,,it -3pas a ggeaa experience.""- andrew:"i
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can't believe it. i feel like iim in a dream or something."jee hauf: ""t was just great. favoriie moment: bbzzer going fff we won. super bowl champs, confeeti flying." thh purppe parade wwll begin - at 10:45.just aftee nooo-- 3 the team willlhold a free ceeebration here at the -33 gessllr, fox45 neww at ten. & 3 p33 anddif you ccn't make it downtown for the big & hhmmcoming celebration don't dispair. can watch the 3&pp1 am on fox 45 and oo our it was elation for the ravens &pand theiirfans aatee thh clock pan out last nighh at thee super dome. dome.there... were... many emotional momeens.... 3& last niiht../. ss... hhre...
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are... somm f the scenes... - you ayyhave missee after the pnded. 3((pkgg)last shot=raa holding 3
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3 it... was... an.... &ppncreeibll super bowl...///. the sstr....offthe seaaon.../ ann... &&ppis.. great play... continued... agginst the 49ers... 49ers...the raaees quarteeback issthe talk of the sports 3 cash in....orraa adsst joins ussnow to tell u ow muchhjoe -3flacco is wortt ..... nnw that -&phe's suppr bowl champion...mmrgan... morran... for yyers, eeple said he was gooo....but noo great... 3 is being calleddeliie. joe ffacco.... super bowl mmp...and now he's gooig to be -one of the ighest paii fllccc wwnt to disney world 3 yards and 3 touchdowns inn suppr bowl 47....laccc's a free agent....and he's about & to cash in big time....he's - appareetly looking for around p0 millioo dollarr a yeer... 3 poogive him ttinn's
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3 be considered an elite p &pp,3 what moment in superrbowl 477.. pohn harbaugh said was thh hardest of his life.that's later in sports unlimmted..-& 3 the ravens... arr officially... the best 3 world...//.and ... congratulations... from baltimorees... other sports chammionn & champioo.22:29:35 "congrattuations man. congratulations. that waa soo sick."michael helps..... -3 baltiiorees own swimming superstar.... who knoww a lot about inning.....he's got more olympic medals than any
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&other thleet....still---- overcome byy hhe ig win of his -3baltimore ravens.huggiig the players.....he ays... watching the game wassvery emotional. & 3 "ive had more tears thn these guyy ccbined my mom and i were ffnd theyve done everrthign ttey know what it ttkes they diddit." 3 so jennifer... you werr --3 thhre... - pib>> 3 pridee for theeciiy, for the team for the faass -3 fanss 3 33 newworllans phott album. -33& everywherr we entt faas.
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3&p--black out,reporrers stunned 3 --kkckerrjuuttn tuckkr. --and witt super bowl mvp joe flacco. 3 -3&p
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33eeeryone is hhppy the ravens & ooe of the cclebrations... got out of contrrl & ontrolsomeone posted this video on youuube...offa person climbingg apole usinn he streettsiggs...everything -3 seems ok...until the poll hh doing pullups oo gives way... 3& dozens of arrrsts... were madee.. during... last ight's celebrations... - of theedanggrous and - destructive things some fans & wwre doinn 3 3 police repare... while ffns - watch the eed of the gameewith anticipationn.. ""h uhh uh
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3 fedeeaa hhll::defense defense" po maxxs in fells point... &as viitooy is deccared.. (lady) "baltimore ravens we - aae ccampions!"peeple pour onto the streets.... andd broadwwy... becomes a sea of humanity... (chant) lets go ravenssbut the mob quickly turns reckless... (ssow balls &pphnging in trres... and tearing down light poles.. sending debris flying... into 3 move in... police make some arrests.... (helicopter nats overhead)while in federal &p the viioenne escalates... as our live shho ameras are rolling.... melinda roederr &p"what was aanighttof celebratton ii now something a littll chaotic takeea look t - our ive ttuck" 3& one ffn climbssour live truck
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mast.. while otherr....smash &the windshield.. ddmage is done toodozens of cars... as & the festivity turns in ed hhll) all over the city.... ttaffic sttps... (nat pop) shirtless mmn on truck"ohhhhuh uh ooo" and & crazed fansstake over... (nat pop))(cars beeping man yelling whill walking doww street") people off car) jubiiation that urns alarmmng... (ccp 3 potta keep it moving" (man) "thhre's a loo ffpeopleedown heree till ust like the eff -3 give us a bad call and come -&pdown... but ccowd control thats what they gotta do...." happy event.... safe s well. (small crowd on steps"oo...uh uh ohh "kc foo -3 45 eww at 10 3 yoo caa watch all thh ppotgame -3 celebrationnand craziness on 3 dot com.just click on the -3&pcharm city chaapions annnr. 3 - 33 (22:51:44) (device beeps) "suupendedd r revokee rrgistration...!" reggstration...!" 3 a new police tool. hoo its
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raiiinn uestions about your right o priiacy.&3 but next...why wners of celebrating thh ravens win... a little moreetonight... & 3& (áááánats p fuul: "get him & sharoo, get him him and aadisturbing pideo.the charges thatta worker at a hooard county grouu home ffccs tonight. 3
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3 fiist on fox... a randallstown woman, caught onn & camera as she appears to beaa &pa diiabled man in a oward daniels joins uss...and e have to arn you, some of these images rr disturbing, keeth? keith? jennifer.....
10:18 pm
the victim ii a 53-year-old 3 57-yearroll woaa. police & after video of he alleged abuse, surfaced online. pnlinn. howard coouny pollce ayy 3 homm n quilting way near columbia..... a caretaker & accuued of abuuing a disabbed man... beatingghhm.. 3 páááquick aassup full beattng, etcáááá.......and it's ccuggt on appe.. you can hhar the people whh ere making the video lauuhing and joking. eighborsscall 3 pms. rosaao) "ttey nnt suppose &&pto beedoing that, thhy sspposee &pthat's what they get ppid foo, 3 chargedddonna everett ith multiple counts of assaalttand with eedangering the safety of aaother disabled woman. everett, a mmnager at the groupphome, can be seen - sttiking the man in the head,
10:19 pm
face and neck.. and spitttng in the mma's face.(llewellyn) -3 ""ell, you can see on the videotaae thht not only is the strrking his man,,but she encouragessanooher womaa who's -3 in tte rrom who happenn to bb the man as well...."(áááánats up full: "get himmsharoo, get & himm. he hit me in my stomach.. what! (llughter))áááá)(llewellyn) -33& pand our concern f course ii that siiuationn s hat thh man could have ffuggt back aad -3 innured the other resiient.." police arrrsteedeverett fridayyaftee her employer, emerge incorporated, brouggt the video toodetectivess' - attention after t surraced oo reporring knocking on ddoráááá)) managers at the group home, we heardd pople inside, but no - onn annwered the door. (llewwllynn "this iis&pdiiturbing to aayoneewho watches itt....." everett issfree toniiht.. she postee a 1-- hundred-thousand
10:20 pm
dollaa bbnd. &p meantime, olice say they're workinn now to identify the people involvvd in making the vvdeo.. and -3 ccnsidering what charges they couud face. kd., fox 45 -3 newss t en. & p33 3 30-377joe flaccoo you and the super boww. what aae you &pgoing to do next?.. i'm going to disney world." world." 33 it happpns every season .... -3 and this yearr. tte honnr --3& beeonns to joe ffacco....//the . 'i'm going to disney world.'...///- 3 ....nd sure enouuh... here he is...///.disnny spoots posted ttis picture...///of flacco... pight next to mickey mouue.../ -3 ...and ons of fann../. -3 cclebratiig tte ravens win& 3 a loo of people... were celebrating... pacoby jjnee''.. kickkff ppeturn... to open the secood -half../. ot... just because they're ravenssfann.../ but... 3 thee're getting... a lot of furniture for free.
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-3pfee. gardinerrs furniture....ran a -3 proootion... who bouugt furnituree.. &pphrre -- today.../ get i for free../ áifá....the aaens... rannback the oopning kickoff... for a touuhdown....// made a lottof customers... ecstatic..../ 3 9:10:23-:34we're thrilled with the rrsponse........ wookled 3& put very well for us." us." jones' beaatiful run... osts gaadniners more than 600-thoussnd dollars. & 33&pit... wass.. a... late night ravees 3 pspeciilly... had && goo bck to work... this morning...//..- morning...//.but... -3& john ryddll reports ... from downtown...// the puperbowl...victory....hhs.. - many workers.../ - rrd--eyed.... .but... purple--hearted.. 3 p3 ((nats))brian ot
10:22 pm
- onny a huge ravens fan...he's a -3 junkie. (needel) "the ame wass over at 11 o'clock ann i've & been up since and was here aa 6::0 so i'm dragging a liitle & but it's a beautifuu day." 3 needel...who owns lenny's eli get enough...of theall the superbowl coverage. (needel) & "i''e seen eveey inteeviewwof -3& every pllyer on everr etwork." &pand some of nneeel's custooers...are just as - paasionate...about superbowl 47. "yeah, go ravenn nd we id it."christine maryland port & tiil peyed up from watching last night's big game.(shaffee) &p"haven't slept but e're at 3 parade tomorrow." phaffer...says she's got sme wear ravens
10:23 pm
jerseys....nd not just on puuple fridaas. (shaffer)) ""yp, yep, ttey're very - supportivv..(nnts)it was also -3 a very late night forrravens fan...lloyd robbison. (question) "was it tough to get back to wook today? yeah, & it was a long gaae but it was worth it, it was really worth it."wwrth it....hen your & teem...wins the superbowl."go ravvns"(ryddll) "and some folks say even before sunday night's hhge uper bowl victory, the success f tth -3 ravens season nddplayoff runn pas been aahuge morrlee boster at work..(needel) "you knoo everybody's kind of together & wwth ravens ggar and ttlking about he gmm."a game...that ravens fans...will long pcherish. in baatimore, jjhn -3rydell, fox 45 news att en. 3 that laakout that just mentioneddcontinues to be a & mystery.. . 3 the fl conttnues &pto inveetigatt.../
10:24 pm
outage... ttaa &caused... a... 34--minute break ii the ggae... occurred only quarter... players for both teaas... wenn back on the -3 field toossretch... -33 p or... ryyto keep warm... 3 3 "truth is, the interruptton n thh building. we could not receive the powerrfrom the ppntergy vault, the substaaion power...""ooe... paa....beyonce's how... required so much power .../ it... knocked ittout -3 when thh game rrsummd.....// butt..that show was running - off offits own generators some companies jumppd on the 3 of hheblaccout.oreo poosed this pictuue o ts twittee accounnt..withha suggestion abbot what to do in thh dark. drawwaa well...pooting hhsson - its twitter aacount.saying itt - miihttbe able to ccean thiigs up. so whht about the weathee for
10:25 pm
tomooroo's parrde...'s chief meeeorogist vytas eid. reid. 3 -3 3 - 3 3 p
10:26 pm
3 3 firefiggters...injured while uppate....n 11 minutes on foo45 news at ten 3 there's no need the data needss - your license our covvr story...wwhn we ccmeeback -
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10:28 pm
,3 chances are... if... you... ever drove...
10:29 pm
onn.. a... staae highway.../ or... picked up....aa - the airroot.../, not nly... knoww ii.../ .butt.. recooded t. it. license plate rraderss are not only helping olice crack ccimes but they're also helping rack tth innocenn..-3 tonights cover story,.../ 3 high-security... government & clearinghouse.../ .and... discovvrs... whht the goveenmeet... s... learning about ou. 3 itssfriday night in ssutt - balttmore..... aad keeping boulevard... are two officers...and three sets of device here has two cammras." their cruiserris equuppee with an automotive liieess plate reader... where two cameras are scaaninn the plltes of every pssing veeicll and ssarccing crimm -3 databases... oo outsttnding violattons. (20:37:53) "it can rrad one plate in under one second..... &p (20:51:40) (device beeps) "suspended or revoked registraaionn..!" within pinutes, they have a match and tte ffrst traffic stop f the valuable tool...especiilll in the search forrstolen vehicles. 20:40:50) officerr carter watton) "it rrally is & a big help to he public and
10:30 pm
to insurance companies to & get thoss stooen vehicles bacc."" these license plateereaders are becoming wildly popular....specially among laa enforcement. theee 371 oo these lpr's &&pthroughout the tatee most 3 enforcement vehicles. -3(abellldrivinggstand-up from gg-ppo camera) "buu many off - theee readers are in fixed locationn like here at twi where if you drive into tte -3 termmnal,,your liccnse plate getss sccaned." (beeps &p(beeping nats quick) but in theesameesecond that it taaes to scan he plates andd pserch for problems.... its - aaso senniig the informationn & maayllnd's coordination and analysis center. a top secret, high & security cllaringhouse that opennd ten years ago. &p((9:33) (eisenberg) "we started out with terrorism as our focus." the so-calledd'fusioo center' employs 81 offiiers who gather intelligence on otential - terrorism activity. but 'the date, timm and placee off & every icense ppate thats scanned innthe state. even if the vehicle has no &pvvolations, the informatton ggthered on theeday it as &ptte fusion ccnter for at least a year. (22:38) "frrm p law enforcement perspeetive ooce you've llniated that piece of information its ggne
10:31 pm
-3&pffreverr..and what if that -&pvehicll was involved in a 3 aboot at the time, a homiiide, a robbery, a rinn of stolen cars that a etective woold information aaymorre..." 3& 28:30) (david rocah) &p""or all f these legitimatee & uses, law enforcement likes tout. there's nooneeds to be & kept few minutes t mostt" david rocah says the goverrments colleccion of information on innooeet motooists issnot about saffty - but about spying. (23:18) (rocah) "if a us eeerywhere we went, not only would we feel it was preepy but we'' understand the privacy invasionnthhass involved." (23::7) ((ocah) "but the privacy & implications are exactly the pame." (26:19)) p digital photograph of a 3 p public road oesn't even - come ccose to aaviolation of the fourth amendment."" at the fusion center, diiectorss ay the informatiinn finning missiiggchildren, stolen cars, anndhundrees off (eisenberg) "iffwe were doing & impossible to eep i a secret.... tooally pmpossible.. (32:57) procahh ""his is a date they - haveenn business having." at the aclu, david rocah askeddthe fusion center foo
10:32 pm
on him. he received aa printout of eight 'tiie, date and locctions' wwere his plate (1:06:00) (rocah) "if youu& ask me whhre were you on may & p'nd 2012, i haveeno idea but the government knoos." rocah believes the more informmtion the governmenn compiles, theegreaterrthe risk.... (30:21) (rocah)) "if we lived in a -&ppotalitaaiaa ssciety we'd -3 expect the governmenttto collect dataaabout uu aad we'd pe fearful because we have o (30:45) "that toome, ii antitheticcl to living in a ffee soiety which is what we're supposed to e." unfounded according to folkk housed infoomation about 95-million license plates laat year alone. (28848) 3& llberties violationn brought tt our atention. theere have been hunddedd oo succes - stories sincee we & eader systemm you do the math." (beeping rom -3 police car) in maryllnd, ptt...shooo it...
10:33 pm
3 ten.... want to know what information the centerrii housing about you...? release the information... - with a writtennrequest. 3 the standoff with police in alabama ends...why policee peccded to go into the bunkkr... and rescce a boy & held hostage inside &3 a downtown businees - up in flames- before colllpsing... &pand trrpping five firefighterrs 3llve update - up ext.
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back.... to... breakingg ews.... -33 we brought... to you.../// at... the op....of thh newscast.../// innensee.. -33 poments... foo... altimore firefighters. 3 trapped after a building collapsed.melinda roeddr is pive onnthe scene.... dowwtown ....melinda? meliida? a 3--tooy brick 3 building -- caught on firee just after 6:00 tonight... and
10:37 pm
the flames spread veryyquicklyy turns out the buulding housed - a lumber businnss... which is 3 officiallssay it sttrted on the grounn level... ut within ten minutes tte whole structure wws enguufed.the 33 the front of he bblding... 3 truck parked on pennyslvania -- avenue.five fireeiihters were & ouu of the debris. hey were all rushed to hh hospital ann tonight we've received word that they are all alive... and &pin stable conditiin - with minorrinjuriee.meaatime... it waa the smoke... that really caught the atteetion of spectttors. downtown -3 residdnnssand workers... say - you couul ee it ann smmll it 3&p
10:38 pm
what reww s outtof the house."> -3 3 curioositt drrve a bbg ccowd &phere... maay of ttem saw- -3 like we dii - thh building collapse and the firefiggters - those firefighters arr going to beeo-k. a big relief considdring ow bbg the blaze 3 3 the phylicia barnessmurder prial... iss.. ow in thh hands of a jjry. & jury.- 3&&pmiccael johnson... -3 p is... accussddof killing the teen two years ago....// visiting from norrh parolinaa..//. ii ... p closing arguments today,... iiccnsistaacies... n... 3 thh ddy barnee' disappeeredd.... disappeared..../ thhy... pointed to johnson ...beiig &&pthe lass person to see barnes'
10:39 pm
-3 alivv..../. howw.. johnson &pcclled oof work... that same - daa...//. and,... how... foo two hours... johnson's cell phone ...appeared to b urned 3 ends with hom pumminggarm arm ,3 the defense also presennedd ccosinn argummnts... partssof the statees case... that appeaaee weak...// the jury expected toobb -3 back... at the courthouse... & tomorrow morning aa 9. 3 the standoff with a gunman in - alabama... holding a 5 year olddchild ostaae... s ovvr overfor earry seven days & pollie waated while a gunman hell a five-year ld boy in an unddrgroond bunker in midlandd city, labama.but fter officers saw theesuspect holding a eapon..they felt longer. &fearrng the chhld was in &pimminent danger entered the &pbunner and rrscued the child. -3 child.
10:40 pm
3 p heard a bii boom, i believee -3 i heard riile shots (question) howw ood of a boom? very loud? oh yeah,,literallyymade me jump off theeground, it scared me that bad bad &pthe ssspect - jimmy lee dykes --is dead.about a week aao... took the child... killing bus drrver n the process 3 3 huue success for tt shirr bbssnesses and venddos. dundalk... merchandise has owners at the store say thee excitement started last night and has nnt's something they hhve ever seen 3 p3&pwhen the avees prevailld late last nnghhtit meant many fanss -3 could finally o to sleep..... - but for some, it meant they pad to go tt wwok. t-shirt &pshirts as soon as tee could.3 hours...
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businesses were 3&& 3 -3 3 -3
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3 3 3& the raaens are super bowl & champiins...wwo ttrrell suggs - says never believed they couud - do it...ii 10 minutessinn sports unlimited... casshon the street...the thing & one man wassplannnig to ddo -3 after te break
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3 in the wake of the coonecticut shootingss- maryland''sattorney general met toddy with law -3ennorcement, communiiy leaders, ann students mbee &pmiller tells us it wass ll in aa effoot tt find solutions to gun violence. 3 &&p((sott)it ws he overarchinn ueetion posed att monday's gun violence prevention forum---led byy mmryland atttrney geeeral
10:48 pm
10:49 pm
witnesssto un vvolenne..ssme of them have had arents that either had been incarccrated or deeply impacted bb gunn violencee> ((sot--barbara sugarmmn ggochal univeesity of maryland school of laws))
10:50 pm
related traamaa all of these -3 are highly consistent with the information ttat e havv aabut pichard iii in life and bout & the circumstances offhis eath.& pnnland... for 2--years.../ llsing... thh hronn... to...henry he 7--th --/ duriin... his remains missing sincee henry the eighth dissolveddthe monasteries in 15538. tte remains will be - reeinterree t the leicesttr 33 a chinese maa tries to peccver mmre ttan two thoosand ddolars stolen from him n the streets of shanghai. 3 3 survvillaace viieo -3 shows he cash -- about twenty-eight hundred dollars -- bllwing in theestreet..... and rivers gnnring traffic -3&plights to puul over ann ssatch dropped it oo the way toothe &bank. he was able o pdolllrs, but, the rest was gone within minuue. hh says ttee oney was his waggs innended to uuld a hoose ack in their home town. 3 3 a thrilling finishhtoosuper
10:51 pm
bowl 47...morgan adsit recaps the ravens improbabll victorr in new in sports unlimited...
10:52 pm
10:53 pm
3& super bbol champions...let & that sink in ravees fans... you've waited 12 yyars tooheer & those words again...a ttrilling, controversialland - pizarre supee bowl...108 million peopleewitnnssed the &pravens beat tte 49ers in super bbwll47...
10:54 pm
-3& 47...tte ravens were rolling of the game....nd then, the lights weettout.... 34-miiute power outage erased their momentum...the 49ers scoree 17 ravens were only p 34-29 - laae in thh 4th....but the & ravens "d" ccmm through hen needed most...the greatest black are on top f the foooball world...34-31 over 3 3 3- 3
10:55 pm
33 joe flacco ffom disney wwrrd... ppus a ssre loser...hear from jim harbaugh...coming up at -3 11-30 on the late editionn.. 3 fallinggwith just second &pleft in the amee..see the &shot that áwwn ittneet onn pox45 news at ttn 3 ....nd omiig up in juut 5 & minutes on thh laae eeiiion... - edition... somethhng new under the golden arches. why mdonalds s adding an entree for the irst time in a deeade. & 3 ann controversy over career day.why parents arr so outrrged over aarapper's visit tt aamiddle school.
10:56 pm
10:57 pm
10:58 pm
& take a look at ttii amazinggshot! & shoo! with... the score seconds... on the clock,.... a... high schooo... - point guard... stumbled and - fell...//.. but... not court shot.../.he... maae & itt.. ááustáá.. at the &puzzee,.../ winning the game for hissteam....// "i knnw that theeccock was be the onn ith the ball and - as i feel, i knew to keee my dribble so i can ggt back up,
10:59 pm
&ptooshooo theeball." ball."3 eeeryone in heegym... went wildd 3 3 3 hello i'm jennifer gilbert. gilbert.and i'm....jeff 3 breaking ews tonight. fivv &pfirefighters... are beiig treated... t... shock trauma after... aa.. burning building collappess.. on them... &p dowwtown ...///. &p...///. 3 melindaaroeder is streaming live rom thh scene... along pennsyllania avvnue... melinda... what'ssgoing on now??? 3 ccews stiil taakling the hot spots... fire started on 3 the first floor... spread upward quickly...hhuued a

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